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Company C Dance Club offers four company levels that serve different ages and commitment options. Dancers are eligible for our competition teams from age 5+ by audition only.

Company Levels: About
Company info

Company Breakdown

Mini Company - (Age range 5-8) 

Mandatory classes each week.....(1) Ballet, (1) Tap, (2) Jazz, (1) Tumbling. 

Rehearsals done within class. (1-2) 

Mandatory Regional Convention/Competition Events.  Optional Nationals.

Junior Company - (Age range 5-10) 
Mandatory classes each week.....(1) Ballet, (1) Cecchetti Ballet, (2) Jazz, (1) Tap, (1) Tumbling.
Rehearsals up to an additional 3 hours per week. 
Mandatory (2-3) Regional Convention/Competition Events and (1) National Event

Pre-Teen Company - (Age range 9-12) 
Mandatory classes each week.....(2) Ballet, (1) Cecchetti Ballet, (2) Jazz, (1) Tap, (1) Tumbling. 
Optional Classes offered each week are Pre-Pointe , Pilates , and a 4th Ballet Class which is highly recommended. 
Rehearsals up to an additional 3.5 hours per week. 
Mandatory (3-4) Regional Convention/Competition Events and (1) National Event

Teen Company - (Age range 10-13) 
Mandatory classes each week.....(2) Ballet, (1) Cecchetti Ballet, (2) Jazz, (1) Tap, (1) Tumbling.
Optional Classes offered each week - Pointe/Pre-Pointe , Pilates highly recommended, 4th Ballet Class highly recommended
Rehearsals up to 4 additional hours per week
Mandatory 3-4 Regional Convention/Competition Events and 1 National Event

Senior -  (Ages 12 and Up) 

Seniors may be split into 2-3 levels based on technical ability.
Mandatory classes each week.....(3) Ballet, (3) Jazz, (1) Tap, (1) Pilates
Optional Classes offered each week which are all highly recommended are Tumbling, Pointe, Cecchetti Ballet and a 4th Ballet Class.
Rehearsals up to 5 additional hours per week
Mandatory 3-4 Regional Convention/Competition Events and 1 National Event

Company Levels: Text


Competition Team

Main Company is the largest, most intense training program at Company C Dance Club. This competitive Company is for the dancer who aspires to achieve the highest level of dance performance and who may be interested in pursuing the college or professional dance worlds. Our Company program is designed to offer an age appropriate commitment level that builds upon itself with each continuing year. 

The commitment grows both with hours of technical instruction and rehearsal expectations and also with the amount of convention and competitions that each level is required to attend. This company is for the serious dancer who is willing to make dance at Company C their top extra-curricular priority. Admittance by audition only.



Competition Team

C2 is for the dancer who is looking for top instruction with the Company C "Company" teachers, but would like less of a time commitment than Company requires. Dancers who are looking to be more than a recreational dancer have really enjoyed their experience with C2! Admittance by audition only.

Ages 8 and Up are welcome
Dancers are placed within four levels within the C2 program based on age and technical ability.
Mandatory classes each week.....(1) Ballet, (2) Jazz, (1) Tap, and (2) weekly rehearsal blocks.
Mandatory 3 Regional/National Competition Events (within the Mid West)


Company Prep

Starburst  - (Ages 5-7) 
Designed to give our youngest dancers a taste of Company dance under the guidance of caring and energetic instructors.  
Mandatory classes each week.....(2) Combination classes, (1) Tumbling.
Dancers participate in (1) local convention/competition event.


Company Levels: List



  1. Our online registration portal gives our customers 24/7 access to reserving a spot in current classes (shown below). This also helps eliminate paper and data entry errors.

  2. Fully complete the Student Registration/Emergency Form in its entirety. This form must be "signed" and dated by a parent or legal guardian.

  3. An annual, non-refundable registration fee is payable at the time of registration.

  4. We advise early registration as classes fill quickly.



Once a family is registered with us, they can enroll in any group program through their portal on Jack Rabbit. The following are instructions for portal registrations if you do not already have a username and password. 

  1. The Customer Portal will ask for your username and password. Click on the "I don't know my password link below the sign in button.

  2. You will then enter your email address (this must be the email address that we have on file for your family in jackrabbit). Once you do this, click on continue.

  3. Check your email account. The password will be emailed from and has the subject as Company C Dance Company - Portal Password.

  4. Once inside the customer portal you can change your password, update contact information, student's information, see what classes you are currently enrolled in, view the schools policies, and register for new classes.

NOTE: Filling out our online registration form is quite easy. For more information please direct questions to our main office. You can email us at, we will be happy to assist you with your registration.


Refer to the Company Contract for a more detailed policy list.


Placement in classes is left to the discretion of Company C Instructors. If Company C Instructors feel that your dancer is placed incorrectly, we will adjust their class level. Our goal is to place students in the most appropriate classes where they will be able to gain knowledge and a strong dance foundation.


Teachers will keep track of attendance. There is no refund for missed classes. Dancers may be able to make up missed classes depending on class level and enrollment size.


We appreciate early arrival so that the students are mentally and physically prepared for their dance class. If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late, it is up to the discretion of the teacher if they are able to participate in the class. If late arrival is over 20 minutes, the dancer must sit and watch the class. If you have a specific function and must be late, please notify your teacher by e-mail.


Payments are due the 1st week of each semester.
Check payments should be placed in the payment box in the lobby of the studio. Credit card payments can be paid in your personal studio online portal. 
Children's Classes are run in (2) 16-week semesters to complete the year.


Company C will not issue refunds if more than 1 class period has been attended. Tuition is not transferrable to another student or term. No credits to another term will be given.


In the event that Lucas County is at a Level 2 warning or higher, classes will be cancelled. In your studio portal, click "Opt-in" to receive text message notifications.


Privates will be purchased in increments of 5. For more information, please
It is the parents responsibility to split payment between the individual teacher and Company C in seperate payments!


A fee of $30 per family is required per year.


Siblings must be supervised at all times in the hallways. Please keep children quiet outside of the classrooms. Pilates and exercise equipment is not to be used as toys and is off limits.


Costume fees must be paid in full in order for the dancer to take the costume home.

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